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Using the Web Triggers API

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    For those who want to use Web Triggers to send a message to an IntuiFace Experience from a third party app/service/device that is not available on IFTTT or Zapier, you can use the Web Triggers API.

    In fact, the Web Triggers API is at the heart of our IFTTT & Zapier integrations. You can build your own triggers that can be called from any app, any webpage, or any other entity that is able to make an HTTP GET or POST call.

    To experiment the API, we recommend you refer to and use the IntuiFace Web Triggers API Documentation.


    Usage examples

    Try the Web Triggers API Demo sample experience located in the IntuiFace Marketplace. With it you'll be turning any mobile device into an IntuiFace remote control.

    For information about how we built this Demo experience, see the Web Triggers API Demo sample article.