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"Memory Game" Sample


The “Memory Game” sample relies upon a custom-built interface asset (IA), written in JavaScript. This IA – named MemoryGame - implements logic to do things like prevent the display of a third image if two non-matching images are already displayed. In addition, the images used in “Memory Game” are dynamically loaded by this interface asset. In order to change these images, proceed as follows:

  • Download the “Memory Game” sample to your PC and save a local copy.
  • Locate the “Images” folder associated with the MemoryGame interface asset.
    Using File Explorer, navigate to the local copy of the “Memory Game” sample. Then, in the project folder, navigate into the folder Files\InterfaceAssets\MemoryGame\Images. For example, the path on your PC may be C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\Documents\IntuiFace\Memory Game\Files\InterfaceAssets\MemoryGame\Images
  • Replace the images in this Images folder with your own. Add as many images of any size as you like. The experience will automatically create 2 cards for every image found in the folder, like in this example: