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What to do when remote actions - including IntuiPad - and Preview Mode are not working

To use any of the following, every PC running an experience must be configured for visibility on the intranet and/or Internet.

It is possible that the existing security restrictions in your environment cause no trouble and remote actions work out of the box.

Use the following steps to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Depending on your IT environment this may require the help of your IT administrator.

  1. Check the IP (Internet Protocol) configuration of each computer and ensure that they are on the same LAN (local area network).

  2. Configure the Player on each PC to accept remote actions over default port 8000 by following the instructions in the article configure-player-and-composer...

  3. Verify that your network configuration is set to Work or Home network mode. (You can verify this using the Windows network sharing center: Choosing a network location. Your network configuration must not be set to Public; otherwise, there is a good chance the PC’s firewall will block any entering connection.

  4. Start Player and your experiences on each computer, then test whether remote actions can be sent locally (i.e. to by using the remote action builder in a browser on the same PC as each experience. In other words, see if the PC can send a message to itself. (For details about how to construct your own remote action URL, see the remote action syntax article). If this fails go to step 5, otherwise go to step 6.

  5. On each computer, with Player and your experience running, open a Command Prompt window and type “netstat –a”. Verify that port 8000 has the LISTENING status and that no other service is using the same port. If needed, change the default port in the step 2 and follow these steps again.

  6. Now – with Player and your experiences running on each computer - verify if remote actions can be sent from one computer to the other by using the following URL in a web browser: http://[target_computer]:8000/intuifacepresentationplayer/presentation/rotate
    Replace the target_computer with the correct value, either the computer Name or its IP Address. If Step 6 worked - the experience was flipped 180° - then remote actions are operational. If Step 6 failed, please check the following.

  7. Does either PC have a running firewall provided by Microsoft or another software provider? Turn it off for test purposes then turn it on and modify your firewall configuration to allow communication between Players on port 8000 for TCP and UDP.

  8. Is there a proxy configuration setting in your Web browser’s options or in Windows Internet configuration? Try working without proxy settings or adapt your configuration to allow communication between your Players on the port 8000.