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Using the Call URL action to communicate with third party applications

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    NOTE: The "Call URL" action is available on Windows, iPad and Android. It is not supported on Chrome or the Samsung SSP.

    The Call URL action - found in the Experience actions among the Overall experience category - enables your experience to communicate with any third party application possessing a Web API. It can be initiated by any trigger.


    For example, a theater lighting solution with a Web API could be controlled by your presentation, turning lights on and off in coordination with actions taken by a presenter or user while interacting with that presentation.

    The URL syntax is defined by the Web API itself, comprised of a Web address (i.e. http or https) and a GET method with specified parameters.

    NOTE: The Call URL action only supports use of the GET method.

    Additional "Call URL" capability on the iPad and Android devices

    Call URL can be used as an alternative for the Launch Application action on the iPad and Android devices.

    Specifically, any installed app supporting a URL Scheme can be called. For example, the following would work if the Spotify app was installed:

    • spotify:artist:3DiDSECUqqY1AuBP8qtaIa

    Refer to the documentation of your specific application for its URL scheme.

    The following two schemes are specific to IntuiFace:

    • To launch the default Web browser: defaultbrowser:http://www.intuilab.com
    • To launch IntuiPad, the IntuiFace remote control: intuipad://