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On-screen Gestures


    IntuiFace's support for on-screen gestures enables you to use specific finger movements on a touch display to trigger actions.

    These gesture triggers are associated with either the experience as a whole, an individual scene itself or a static asset. That is, the gesture is captured if it is initiated in the experience, a scene or a static asset that has been associated with the corresponding trigger.

    The list of supported gestures varies by platform:

    • Player for Windows: IntuiFace supports 25 different gestures grouped into 5 categories, each of which can be used to trigger one or more actions. The list of gestures is here.
    • Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks: IntuiFace supports the gestures Swipe Up/Down and Swipe Left/Right, each of which can be used to trigger one or more actions. You can see these four gestures listed here.

    A common example would be to use the swipe left / right triggers to call the next / previous navigation action.


    In the context of design for accessibility, performing gestures on static assets will enable you to capture large, gross motor gestures for every individual, static item in a running experience. For example, create an on-screen trackpad for navigation. Or trigger text-to-speech without requiring perfect touch precision.


    How is a touch gesture managed

    The order of touch interaction gesture triggers is based on the Z position of the asset, meaning an asset nested in the front layer will always have priority over an asset on a layer beneath it. Gestures placed on a specific asset, scene or experience will only work if there is no other asset that absorbs interaction on top of them.

    A common mistake is to add interaction triggers at scene level (such as is tapped trigger), and use swipe triggers at experience level. In this case, the tap trigger will absorb the interaction making the swipe gestures unusable.


    Supported Gestures


    • Horizontal-return.png Horizontal return
    • Horizontal-sawtooth.png Horizontal sawtooth
    • down.png Swipe down
    • left.png Swipe left
    • right.png Swipe right
    • top.png Swipe up
    • Vertical-return.png Vertical return
    • Vertical-sawtooth.png Vertical sawtooth


    • Alpha.png Alpha sign
    • Gamma.png Gamma sign
    • L-sign.png L sign
    • M-sign.png M sign
    • S-sign.png S sign
    • V-sign.png V sign
    • W-sign.png W sign
    • Z-sign.png Z sign

    Multitouch Gestures

    • Grap.png Grab
    • UnGrap.png Ungrab


    • Circle.png Circle
    • Loops.png Loops
    • Rectangle.png Rectangle
    • Triangle.png Triangle


    • Caret.png Caret
    • Greater-than..png Greater than
    • Less-than.png Less than