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Known limitations and recommendations for triggers and actions

The current known limitations of triggers and actions are the following:

  1. Composer does not verify the existence of the remote experiences, scenes or assets referenced by a user creating remote actions. As a result, spelling errors in the names of those remote experiences, scenes and assets will not be recognized or flagged.

  2. Timers cannot be dynamically created at runtime.

  3. Timers cannot be interrupted except when leaving the scene in which they have been defined.

  4. Timers will only start when the associated asset is or becomes visible. Hidden assets will not fire timer triggers associated on them.

  5. An Inactivity Timer starts when its associated asset or scene is first displayed and is restarted whenever a user touches that asset or scene. No other action restarts the Inactivity Timer.

  6. Neither triggers nor actions are available for images or videos in the background of a scene.

  7. In a carousel, asset flow, or asset grid, it is not yet possible to hide (or show) a contained asset using an action.

  8. Triggers are raised only when assets/scenes are completely loaded.

  9. The "Rewound" trigger is not raised by a looping video when it returns to the beginning.

  10. Gestures and Visual Tags currently apply to scenes only, not assets.

  11. When contradictory actions are applied to an asset by a trigger, the asset may enter an erroneous state.

  12. The "Open URL" action requires the entered URL to be preceded by http:// or https://.