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IntuiFace Remote Control


    An IntuiFace experience running on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 can be controlled by a remote control running on iOS and Android devices. We have named this remote control IntuiPad.

    IntuiPad includes a predefined set of universal navigation actions - such as Next Scene, Previous Scene and Go to Scene. It also includes a Visual Touchpad, a reproduction of a running experience that can be manipulated as if you were touching the PC display. Drive experiences wirelessly using your handheld device whether or not the actual display is interactive.

    NOTE: The IntuiPad can only be used to control experiences running on Windows PCs - i.e. running in Player for Windows (either standalone or in Composer's Play Mode). IntuiPad cannot be use to control experiences running in Player for Kiosks or Player for Tablets.

    Installing IntuiPad

    • IntuiPad for Android: Search Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market) for IntuiPad or open this page in your device's browser.
    • IntuiPad for the iPhone and iPad: Search the Apple App Store for IntuiPad or open this page in your device's browser.


    IntuiPad can control any IntuiFace experience located:

    1. on the same LAN (local area network): To connect successfully, your handheld device must be connected through WIFI to the LAN, and certain ports must be opened in the targeted PC's firewall. To open these ports, see the next section. Make sure that Access Point (AP) Isolation (also called Client Isolation) is disabled on your wireless network.
    2. on the Internet: To connect successfully, your handheld device must have Internet access (via WiFi, 3G, etc.) and certain ports must be opened in the targeted PC's firewall and in the LAN firewall protecting that PC. Information about opening ports in the LAN firewall can be found here. Note that this requires IT know-how.


    IntuiPad does not run its own experiences. It remotely controls experiences running in IntuiFace Player for Windows (standalone or in Composer's Play Mode) running on a Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC.


    • If Player for Windows is running in an extended desktop, IntuiPad will not properly map finger touches onto the display. You will typically run across this situation when using IntuiFace Player for Windows in a multi-display environment. For the moment, only use IntuiPad with experiences running on a single display.
    • if several Players are launched on a PC, only the first Player to be launched can be reached by IntuiPad. The other Player(s) cannot be reached, even after the first Player is stopped. All Players must be stopped in order to change which Player will be reachable by IntuiPad.

    Enabling experiences to work with IntuiPad

    In order for IntuiPad to communicate with a running experience, the PC running the experience must satisfy three criteria:

    1. run the Bonjour networking service to enable device discovery
    2. open port 8000 to enable the receipt of remote actions
    3. open port 3333 to enable use of the IntuiPad visual touchpad

    If you have installed IntuiFace Composer or Player for Windows under an Admin account, all three criteria will be taken care of automatically. If you installed IntuiFace under any other type of account, you will need to run the IntuiFace Configuration Tool with administrator rights. See this article for more information.

    Build your own remote control

    For a look at the underlying code of IntuiPad, useful for either building your own remote control or incorporating remote control capabilities in a third party application, see the page Guidelines for creating your own remote control.