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Introduction to remote actions

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    Remote actions are an advanced feature of IntuiFace. Please take some time to get familiar with the concept of triggers and actions before using them.

    Remote actions enable the remote control of IntuiFace experiences over a network (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) using the HTTP protocol. Remote actions can be attached to any asset type in Composer but can also be generated from any third-party application by calling URLs whose formalism is described below.

    The IntuiPad remote control, in fact, is simply software using remote actions to communicate with running experiences.

    Prerequisite for Windows devices

    In order to receive Remote Actions on a Windows based machine, you will have to use the IntuiFace Configuration Tool to enable external communication with IntuIFace. See this article for more details.

    General principles

    IntuiFace enables the local control of experiences' content through different types of triggers. These triggers in turn can launch a wide variety of actions.

    All existing actions can be triggered remotely either from an experience running on another computer (in either Composer or Player) or from any third party application. All you need to know is the name of the target experience or, at the very least, the name of the computer the experience is running on.

    It is also possible to trigger remote actions in several experiences simultaneously from the same source - that is, either from another experience or from a third-party application. This enables action synchronization between experiences, such as advancing all experiences at once to the same scene.

    Creating remote actions using Composer

    For more details about creating remote actions using Composer, see this dedicated page.

    Sending remote actions using URLs

    An IntuiFace experience running in the Player or previewed in the Composer can receive actions from any other experience. IntuiFace also allows third-party applications to send actions to an experience as soon as its hosting computer can be addressed on the network. IntuiFace uses URL formalism to receive and manage remote actions.

    For more details about sending remote actions via URL, see this dedicated page


    • IntuiPad, the remote control app for IntuiFace, can be understood as an implementation of remote actions in software running on the Android and iOS operating systems.

    Known Limitations

    • Player for iPad/Android can be used to send remote actions but it cannot receive remote actions.
    • Only one Player/Composer running on the same machine will be able to receive Remote Actions. A secondary launched Player/Composer on the same device will not be able to receive Remote Actions.