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How to add scene-to-scene navigation to your project

    Scene-to-scene navigation actions

    • Go to Scene - navigate to a specific scene
      You can choose the target scene using a dropdown list of all the Experience's scenes or obtain the scene name from an external source via binding.
    • Next - navigate to the next scene (in relation to the order of scenes in the Scenes panel)
    • Previous - navigate to the previous scene (in relation to the order of scenes in the Scenes panel)
    • Backward - navigate back to the scene most recently visited prior to the current scene
    • Forward - navigate forward to the scene most recently visited via the Backward action mentioned above


    Scene-to-scene navigation effects

    Scene to scene transitions may seem abrupt when not using transition effects. Adding effects to your scene changes will help smoother up the transition between scenes.

    The image below illustrates the available transition effects:


    Using Buttons for navigation

    You can add a Button control into your scene and associate any of the above navigation actions with it.


    You can also use any of the navigation buttons available as Design Accelerators. By default, these buttons are embedded with predefined navigational actions. Simply drag and drop the desired navigational buttons from the Design Accelerators panel onto the scene. You can change the predefined actions at any time.