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Creating remote actions in Composer

An example

Imagine you have two Experiences: ExperienceA and ExperienceB.

  • ExperienceB has a scene called Scene 2.
  • ExperienceA has a button called Button.

You want to create a remote action --> when clicking Button in ExperienceA, a navigation action is generated for ExperienceB, causing it to display Scene 2.

Here is the way to do it:

Important notes

  • The names of projects, computers and target scenes should not contain blank characters if you intend to send them remote actions.
  • All names you can use as targets - scene, asset, collection - are case sensitive.

Step 1: Configure the remote action

  1. Open ExperienceA in IntuiFace Composer.
  2. If it doesn't already exist, create a button named Button.
  3. Select this button in the active scene.
  4. In the Triggers panel, select the Released trigger, and in the THEN section, click *Add remote IntuiFace Experience(s)… as per the screenshot below.

  5. Enter the project name ExperienceB and select All devices on the network as illustrated below:


  6. Select the action category Navigation.
  7. Select the action Go to Scene with the Target Scene 2.
  8. Select (optional) a Slide Transition in the Right to left direction, with a Transition duration of 0.6 seconds (see screenshot below):


Step2: Configure ExperienceB to receive remote actions

  1. Open ExperienceB in IntuiFace Composer.
  2. Click the Project menu on top of the Composer window, then select the Project settings menu option:

  3. Ensure the project name is ExperienceB.
  4. Save and close the project.

Step3: Set up your execution environment and test the remote action

  1. Set up two computers connected to the same network either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. We'll call them ComputerA and ComputerB.
  2. On ComputerB use the IntuiFace Configuration Tool to enable ComputerB to accept remote actions.
  3. On ComputerA, run ExperienceA using IntuiFace Player or Composer's Preview Mode.
  4. On ComputerB, run ExperienceB and go to any Scene other than Scene 2.
  5. In ExperienceA, navigate to the scene where Button is displayed and press it.
  6. Verify that ExperienceB automatically navigates to Scene 2.

Targeting one or more experiences on one or more computers

The Remote Experience Selector enables you to identify more than one target:

  • All experiences on targeted device(s) or a specific experience
  • All devices on the network or a specific device

Thus you can remotely command:

  • a specific experience on any device
  • any experience on a specific device
  • a specific experience on a specific device
  • any experience on any device

With remote actions you can simultaneously command multiple experiences running on multiple computers.