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Conditional Triggers

Triggers are events that are raised by human interaction, timers, changes in the state of assets/collections, external services, etc. IntuiFace offers you the ability to create Triggers and associate them with specific Actions. With Conditional Triggers, one can introduce an "IF" in the equation of Triggers and Actions.

How it works:

For each Trigger you can apply one or more conditions to be evaluated before the Trigger is activated. This will enable you to conditionally execute actions associated with the Trigger depending on the value of other asset(s) properties.

To add a condition for a specific Trigger, click the "Add a condition" button below the Trigger description.


Click on the Condition dropdown list to specify an item and a specific property of that item.



Next, select the comparison operator from the combo box and enter a value to which you will be comparing the original property value. Note that this comparison value can also be accessed via binding - i.e. it does not have to be static.


You can add as many conditions as you want using the Add another condition button.

If a Trigger has more than one condition, you will be able to choose to execute the associated Action(s) if all the conditions are true (AND) or if any condition is true (OR).