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Tip of the Month: Using the Web Browser Asset

Though it may come as a surprise to you, a good portion of our IntuiFace users don't even realize they have the ability to open websites within an IntuiFace experience. For others, you know how to do this but underestimate what is actually possible. Let's go through these points in turn.

First, quite simply, the IntuiFace Web Browser asset enables you to open websites within your experience, like your company's homepage. (See "NOTE* in below.) Websites can be manipulated by finger or by mouse, including the ability to interact with Flash and HTML5-enabled capabilities like Google Maps. Domains can be white listed, meaning you can prevent users from pulling up random websites. And an on-screen keyboard is available for data entry.

NOTE: The IntuiFace Web Browser asset supports most HTML5 and Javascript. Notice the "most" part. To see which aspects of HTML5 are supported, open the following site within the Web Browser asset: http://html5test.com/. Other limitations can be found here.

Now let's say you already knew you could open websites. Did you also realize that this ability gives you a backdoor to fulfilling scenarios that may either be impossible or challenging to achieve in IntuiFace? An easy example is a form. If you already have a Web-based form for capturing information, why not just expose that form in your experience rather than recreating it? (Assuming you will have Internet connectivity, of course.) At the very least, you could use websites in early version of your experiences, adding more flexible, native IntuiFace capability over time.

Finally, some websites enable you to tweak how the page is rendered based on "flags" passed in via the URL. For example, YouTube and Google Maps URLs can be modified to force a full-screen display. Want to see how? Take a look at this page in our Knowledge Base.
Don't underestimate the Web Browser asset. Reuse all of your preexisting Web-based media and easily add capability to your experiences.

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