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Tip of the Month: Using Out-of-the-Box Interface Assets to Incorporate Real-time Information

In honor of our recently announced support for the Phlips hue light I thought it might be a good idea to talk about IntuiFace and interface assets in general.

Interface assets enable your IntuiFace experience to communicate with external data sources, business processes, helper functions and devices. Here are examples for each:

  • Data Sources: Could be public services like Twitter and RSS feeds or private sources like Excel spreadsheets or databases.

  • Business Processes: Examples include ERP/CRM applications for those building point-of-sale kiosks or data processing applications for information kiosks.

  • Helper Functions: Includes things like asset sharing (e.g. by email, via file system), timers and counters, or even custom functions to adjust experience layout in response to user actions..

  • Devices: Work with peripherals like Philips hue, card readers or any other device that is either locally installed or Internet accessible.

IntuiLab has built a wide selection of interfaces for your personal use. You can find them by opening the Interface Assets panel from the panel ribbon. All of them are available to users of any edition of Composer - with one exception.

Each interface has an optional "data template" you can use to display the information or actions associated with that interface. You don't have to adopt these templates - you can create your own designs - but they are a great way to quickly see what you can do with each interface.


Once you become a savvy user of IntuiFace's out-of-the-box interfaces you may be inspired to create some of your own. Great! You've just discovered one of the reasons to upgrade to Composer Enterprise! :-) Use JavaScript. .NET or REST to create just about any interface you can think of.

Now you know how to incorporate dynamic information, logic and devices in your IntuiFace experiences. Make them part of your designs and look like a programming hero without breaking a sweat.

Questions? Let us know!