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Tip of the Month: The IntuiFace Online Library

IntuiFace is filled with features enabling even the least creative person to put together amazing interactive designs. But you don't know what you don't know. How do you find that perfect feature if you don't know it exists? Or what if you know it exists but only have the slightest idea how it works?

The Knowledge Base - IntuiFace's online library - contains 200+ articles on just about anything you can think of. There are

  1. overview articles on topics like the image and video asset (here and here)
  2. how to articles like how to work with a multi-display video wall (here)
  3. guidelines for use of concepts like interface assets and binding (here and here)
  4. introduction to the use of capabilities like scheduling, analytics and deployment (here, here and here)
  5. best practices for experience design (here)

We include short videos to aid explanation and sample experiences where it helps to illustrate a point.
Every time we get a question in Support whose answer should be documented, we document it. The Knowledge Base is a living resource updated DAILY to ensure it contains the latest and greatest information. I'd go so far as to say it might be the most complete reference material you will ever find for the software you use.

Even better, our Knowledge Base has a fantastic search capability. We find it to be extremely smart. Just express your needs as best as possible and see what the search engine recommends. Think of the time you will save, not just by finding answers quickly but by identifying and adopting useful capability early in your introduction to IntuiFace. You will be creating amazing experience quickly and efficiently.

Now you know how to find answers to your questions and inspiration for your designs.