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Tip of the Month: Crawl, Walk, Run

We just shipped a release so broad in scope that I thought it best not to overload our users with lots of additional information. To keep it simple, I'm going to focus on a good rule of thumb for building your IntuiFace expertise.

Crawl before you can walk. Walk before you can run.

Though far from a deep or original thought, it's a concept easily overlooked. There is a temptation, especially when starting out with software like IntuiFace - whose very design principle is to make it easy to do something once considered advanced - to try to do everything at once. Our advice is to take a breath.

IntuiFace Version 4.7 - aka IntuiFace Gemini - shipped on Thursday with a lot of new capability, something for everyone. For design creativity there is the Webcam asset and the Helix collection. For signage efficiency there is advanced analytics and scheduling. For large scale projects there's streamlined deployment and improved device management. And for everyone, there's Player for Android.

Hold on a moment. Take a breath. Think about how they could be helpful. But resist the urge to throw everything in your initial efforts. Adopt a phased, building blocks approach. Treat your efforts like a live pilot. Expect that your initial plans will change so don't over commit. Work incrementally, try things out, run it by colleagues and then iterate.

The above advice sounds obvious but I've seen agencies over commit to their clients and sales teams run up against deadlines because they failed to pace their own skills development. You have to be good before you can be great.

We love doing everything we can to enable "Day One Productivity". We also want our customers to thrill their audiences and to enjoy the creative process. Spend some time to get to know IntuiFace and to phase in your understanding and use of new capability. You'll be glad you did.
Now you know to treat your initial run up with IntuiFace as something to pace and embrace. So much is possible, so give yourself time to adapt.