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Tip of the Month: Choosing a PC to Run Your Experience

Here's one of the most common questions that we receive: "What PC should I get to run my experience?" Or to be more explicit, what PC should be used to run IntuiFace Player? We'll tackle that here.

The easy part is Player for iPad. All we ask is that you use the latest version of iPad you can get your hands on. Why? With each subsequent release, Apple has improved device resources and that can only be good for IntuiFace. A rule of thumb? iPads using the [lightning connector] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_(connector) are more recent and thus preferable for running your experiences. For details, see this page in our Knowledge Base.

As for Player for Windows, let's start by talking about what shouldn't concern you. First, do NOT worry about the vendor. The manufacturer of the PC is irrelevant as far as IntuiFace is concerned. And the same goes for choosing between Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Subtle differences aside, you're not going to notice any performance advantage between either OS.

Considering technical specifications, our advice is as follows: start with our minimum technical specifications and then beat those specs by as much as your budget will allow. The following lists, in descending order of priority, the places you should invest:

  • Solid State Drive instead of a Hard Disk Drive
  • High performance CPU
  • High performance, CPU-independent GPU
  • Increased RAM

(Installing a solid state drive is easily the best way to improve performance.)

In general, there is no way to know - by looking at an experience - what kind of PC is required. There are just far too many variables. Certainly, use of nothing but low definition images will be a far smaller burden for a PC than a wall of interactive 3D models and videos. No surprise there. But overall, we can only suggest that even the best designed experience can fail if performance is poor, so don't skimp on the PC.

Questions? Let us know!