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Getting Answers To Your IntuiFace Questions

This tip was inspired by a note I recently received from a new IntuiFace user. In response to one of their questions I had shared a link to our online documentation - the Knowledge Base - and in response my contact wrote, "Wow! I had no idea you had all of this online!"

Wow is right! We've worked very hard to ensure folks new to IntuiFace have a host of self-educational options and then took multiple steps to promote their existence. Nevertheless, I get the impression many of you receiving this email have yet to benefit from these resources.

The following list is summarized here online:

Knowledge Base

100+ articles on just about any topic. Creating collections. Loading websites, Building forms. Writing interfaces. Using timers. You name it, it's probably here. And we update it virtually daily so it's always current.

Discussion Forums

A searchable database of questions asked and answered. Free Edition users can also submit questions for community response while Pro and Enterprise Edition users can submit questions to our very talented Support staff.

Instructional Videos

Watch and listen as I demonstrate both basic capabilities - like inserting assets into an experience - and more advanced capabilities like working with interface assets. None of the videos are very long but all are comprehensive.


Immersion is often the best way to learn software. Follow this step-by-step tutorial in order to build a great looking experience. (This one, in fact.) You get your hands dirty without ever getting lost.

Introduction to IntuiFace Webinar

We ran a webinar about one month ago and it was a great success. Over one hour I give you an in-depth look at IntuiFace basics, coupled with question-and-answer sessions conducted with webinar attendees. We'll run more of these live sessions in the future but no need to wait - watch this one today.

Prebuilt Experiences

We've created a large number of experiences you can download via both the Composer and Player Experiences panel. With them you can see how we put together amazing effects and, hopefully, find inspiration for your own work.

10 Minute Demo

We also put together this quick look at advanced features like binding and triggers and actions. May not make you an expert but it does clarify what we mean by these advanced principles and how you might find them useful.
Now you know how to find answers and insight for your IntuiFace questions!