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Transfer licenses between IntuiFace accounts

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    The following capability is only available to those with Premier or Enterprise-level IntuiFace accounts.


    With account-to-account license transfers, IntuiFace users can either temporarily or - in select circumstances - permanently move licenses from their own account to their own secondary accounts or to any primary account. (For more about primary and secondary accounts, see this article.) Advantages include:

    • Simplifying license management when working on multiple projects at the same time.
    • "Selling" perpetual Player for Windows licenses, using a permanent license transfer to furnish a client with licenses.

    NOTE: For instructions about transferring licenses between devices, see this article

    Transferring Licenses

    For any Premier or Enterprise-level IntuiFace account, the License Key column of the License Dashboard contains - for every Composer and Player license - a Transfer license option.

    Selection of this link will open a dialog box in which you must specify the duration of the license transfer and the email address of the IntuiFace account to which the transfer will be made.

    • If transferring a subscription license: Only a temporary transfer is possible, using the "Lend" option.
    • If transferring a perpetual Player for Windows license: Both temporary and permanent transfers are possible.
      • Those with legacy perpetual Composer Enterprise licenses also have both temporary and permanent account transfer options.

    Make the appropriate selection, click the Transfer button, then confirm your selection.

    Once the license is transferred, the License Key column of the License Dashboard will identify the account to which the license has been transferred. For temporary transfers, the "Status" column will contain the word Loaned; for permanent transfers, the license will disappear from the original owner's dashboard.


    Retrieving Temporarily Transferred Licenses

    Temporarily transferred licenses can be retrieved. To do so, click the Bring license back option in the License Key column of the License Dashboard.


    Confirm your selection and the license will be retrieved when it is next available. The loaned license becomes available for retrieval when the user either closes Composer/Player or logs out.

    Restrictions and Conditions

    1. Only those with Premier or Enterprise-level IntuiFace accounts can transfer licenses.
      • Annual Composer Premier licenses purchased using the academic discount only have the ability to transfer Player licenses to other accounts. Composer licenses cannot be transferred.
    2. Premier accounts can only transfer Composer licenses to Free or Premier-level accounts. Enterprise-level accounts can only transfer Composer licensees to Free or Enterprise-level accounts.
    3. Any license of any type can be transferred, including individual Player for Tablets licenses from within a 10 license pack.
    4. Licenses already in use on a PC, iPad, Android tablet, Chrome device or Samsung SSP - i.e. if their "Status" is In use or Retained - cannot be transferred. Only licenses with the "Status" of Available can be transferred. Available licenses are currently unused.
    5. There is no limit to the number of times a license can be transferred to different IntuiFace accounts and then retrieved.
    6. Expired subscription licenses and temporarily transferred perpetual licenses whose Maintenance, Support and Update (MSU) entitlement has expired are automatically retrieved.
    7. Loaned licenses cannot be transferred by the IntuiFace account to which those licenses were loaned.

    Payment Responsibilities

    Responsibility for the renewal of temporarily transferred subscription licenses belongs to the original purchaser. The destination IntuiFace account never has payment responsibility for loaned subscription licenses.

    Perpetual Player for Windows licenses are paid in full so there is no payment responsibility for either the lender or the recipient of a temporary or permanent transfer.