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Experience Sharing Levels: Writer, Reader and Play-only


    Published experiences can be shared with colleagues and clients. This article talks about the various options for sharing experiences with others. For details about how IntuiFace accounts at different plan levels affect sharing, see this article.

    When sharing, the experience owner can decide what level of control the target person can have over that shared experience. There are three sharing levels:

    • Writer privileges: The target account can make changes to the original experience. Those changes will overwrite the version shared by the experience owner.
    • Reader privileges: The target account can save a local version of the shared experience and make changes to that local copy. Changes cannot be applied to the original experience.
    • Play-only privileges: The experience is installed along with a dedicated version of Player. It cannot be opened in Composer and thus cannot be edited in any way.

    The sharing levels available for a given experience depend upon:

    1. the Composer tier used to create that experience, AND
    2. the Composer tier of the target IntuiFace account.

    For example, an experience created using Composer Premier can be shared with Write privileges to any account at the Premier or Enterprise level.

    The following table identifies the sharing options available based on Composer tiers involved. Note that "No account" refers to someone who does not yet have an IntuiFace account. Click the image to enlarge.

    Sharing with Writer and Reader Privileges

    When sharing with other IntuiFace accounts - a process described here - you can choose whether to share with Writer or Reader privileges.

    Writer Privileges

    NOTE: This sharing level is only available to Premier or Enterprise-level IntuiFace accounts.

    Target accounts granted Writer privileges can make changes to the shared experience and save those changes back into the cloud, effectively overwriting the original, published version. This sharing level enables constraint-free collaboration between two or more colleagues.

    Experiences shared with Writer privileges are tagged with the following icon in the target account's Experiences panel:

    The experience owner can grant Writer privileges to multiple IntuiFace accounts. The first account to download the experience takes the Writer "token", meaning all other accounts given Writer privileges - including the experience owner - are demoted to Reader privileges. The Writer token is released when:

    1. the experience is published, AND
    2. no further changes are made to the experience, AND
    3. the experience is closed

    Saving the experience locally and closing it without publishing changes will not allow the Writer token to be released.

    To revoke Writer privileges, see this section.

    Reader Privileges

    NOTE: This sharing level is available to all accounts regardless of the Composer plan.

    Target accounts granted Reader privileges can download shared experiences, make changes to those experiences, and save copies of those experiences locally using Save As. The original, shared version of the experience is unaffected. Overwriting the original requires Writer privileges.

    Experiences shared with Reader privileges are tagged with the following icon in the target account's Experiences panel:

    Sharing with Play-only Privileges

    By sharing an experience using a public URL - a process described here - anyone, even those without an IntuiFace account, can download and run a shared experience.

    NOTE: The ability to share via URL is available to all accounts regardless of the Composer plan..

    These experiences are downloaded with a dedicated instance of Player. They cannot be opened in Composer so the viewer cannot see how the experience is constructed. This sharing level is particularly suitable when the target account is a client who does not need to go behind the scenes.

    Revoking access to shared experiences

    At any time, the experience owner can choose to revoke access to shared experiences.