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Release Notes: Share & Deploy, API Explorer, Data Tracking, Licensing

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    This page includes the release notes for

    Updates are listed by month and, within each month, chronologically with the most recent enhancements at the top.

    For Composer and Player for Windows: release notes.
    For Player for Tablets/Kiosks: release notes

    April 2018

    • Hosted Services: Released a brand new Web Triggers API enabling any third party platform to talk to IntuiFace. Interactive API documentation lays out all the details. This supplements our out-of-the-box support for IFTTT and Zapier.
    • Hosted Services: A new credential keys management page enables you to create and manage keys used to identify your IntuiFace account when using various services like the Web Triggers API and the data tracking feature. See our credential keys article for details.
    • API Explorer: Enhancements include error detection and support for complex JSON bodies.

    March 2018

    • Hosted Services: For those with Premier or Enterprise-level accounts, the Share by Email - Hosted interface asset
      • no longer inserts the following sentence at the end of the email: "Sent from an interactive experience built using IntuiFace."
      • now caches emails - with or without attachments - when an Internet connection is not present. Reattempts are made every 30 seconds and there is no limit on the number of reattempts.

    February 2018

    • Management Console: BONUS! We've overhauled the design of Management Console. Welcome to the modern world, MC. (Some of you old timers may remember Management Console as the "My IntuiFace" website.)

    January 2018

    November 2017

    • API Explorer: Improved management of requests sent to intranet-hosted (i.e. local) servers that cannot be accessed by the server-hosted portion of API Explorer
    • API Explorer: Brand new tutorial introducing concepts of Web APIs and tips for using API Explorer
    • API Explorer: Properties containing HTML content are now displayed in Composer using the HTML Asset
    • Data Tracking: Logs now include device nickname as defined in the Share and Deploy console.

    October 2017

    • Share and Deploy: Improved performance on the Deploy tab for both the Experiences and Players detailed views
    • Share and Deploy: Added ability to sort Players by the name of the running experiences
    • Share and Deploy: The status of an experience shared with Write privileges is now displayed in the Experience Details view
    • Share and Deploy: The name of a device running Player can be replaced with a nickname in the Player Details view

    September 2017

    • API Explorer: It is now possible to specify a port number when configuring IntuiFace to use an FTP site for storing published experiences
    • API Explorer: Improved usability of the Tags section in the Player Details view, including support of the Tab key for validating a tag
    • Licensing: Both Premier and Enterprise-level primary accounts can share their Composer licenses with secondary accounts

    July 2017

    • Share and Deploy: Added "Online" and "Offline" filters to the Player listing
    • API Explorer: Added support for Web APIs with self-signed certificates
    • API Explorer: New Web API examples: New York Times, Wunderground, Star Wars, Reuters

    June 2017


    • API Explorer: New "Help" panel is displayed when request URLs fail to generate a response. Includes assistance for locating API documentation and contacting support.
    • API Explorer: Publication of article Beginners Guide to Web Service APIs.
    • API Explorer: Automatic insertion of http:// if not present in the request URL.
    • Share and Deploy: Ability to filter Players based on whether they are currently online or offline.
    • Share and Deploy: System logs can now be downloaded into an Excel file.
    • Share and Deploy: Status of Marketplace submissions are now listed on the Marketplace tab of a given experience.