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Release Notes: Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks

This page includes all IntuiFace Player for Tablets (iPad and Android) and IntuiFace Player for Kiosks (Android, ChromeOS and Samsung SSP) release notes starting with Version 6.0.0. See also Release notes for Version 5.x.

All known Limitations can be found here.

Release notes for IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows can be found here.

Current version is v.6.3.0, released 24-July-2018.



  • The company name changed from IntuiLab to Intuiface.
  • Minor fixes





  • A video can now be used for the background of a scene or the experience as a whole (using the "Background" property)
  • Enhanced rendering of PDF documents accessed through an interface asset
  • Improved error messages when an incorrect time zone is detected
  • Cover of a Document Asset can now be hidden
  • Document Assets set with a "Book" style now have a correct size after being detached from a collection.

Chrome OS :

  • Fixed an issue preventing the loading of an experience that references an Excel spreadsheet containing specific Excel formulas.
  • Dates loaded through th eExcel Interface Asset are now correctly displayed.



  • Detached documents (Ex: tap to open) from within a DataFeed Collection are now correctly rendered
  • Collection detached items no longer disappear from the scene when re-manipulating a scroll-able collection
  • Fixed a bug preventing functionality of Call URL actions with parameters bound to Global Variables using Binding Converters
  • Improved "Scroll direction" constraints management of Scroll Collection
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Added support for Web Triggers API.
  • Improved 3D Model support
  • Enhanced REST Web API support
  • Improved memory management of Excel Interface Assets
  • Added "Delete all rows" function for Excel Interface Assets
  • Expence Started" and "Experience Stopped" data points are now optional and thus can be disabled when using the data tracking feature. It's only two data points so this isn't a big deal in the scheme of things but a couple of you asked for this and, well, why not?
  • Added support for touch point coordinates relative to all types of interaction.
  • Several Bug fixes and improvements.



Chrome OS and Tizen: Fixed an issue preventing the update of an already downloaded experience.



  • Fixed excel-update deployment problem. Excel files are now updated after performing a remote deployment of an experience on a Kiosk device.
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Fixed Excel issue that appeared following the release of Microsoft Excel 16.10, Build 1802. This issue had prevented the display of content
  • Android: Login on forced vertical (portrait-oriented) screens is now possible
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • If the device is offline, Share via E-mail Hosted will now cache emails and send them as soon as the device comes back online.
  • User activity is now managed in the Web Browser. For example, the ":Link is clicked" trigger is now taken into consideration.
  • iPAD: Corrected related issues impacting the Text Input Asset. The cursor will no longer automatically jump from one Text Input Asset to another.



  • Samsung Tizen Fixed an issue preventing login on certain displays



  • Renaming a device in the Share and Deploy console will also change the name of that device in Player itself. This name is visible by clicking the "About" button in Player's Experiences panel
  • Visual effects - blur, sepia, grayscale, hue rotation, brightness - can now be applied to shapes
  • A variety of minor bug corrections



  • Enhanced 3D model support;
  • New HTML Asset - Display CSS-enabled HTML content directly within IntuiFace Player;
  • Added Player Settings option in the Experiences Panel - Disable shake-to-quit behavior;
  • Various bug fix.



  • The Marketplace tab is no longer displayed in licensed Players.
  • Font rendering is much improved and consistent across all supported operating systems.
  • The memory footprint of large images is now reduced, improving experience stability without decreasing image quality.
  • Samsung SSP The Player for Kiosks license on the Samsung SSP is now retained when Player is restarted (e.g. after device reboot or Player update). Now, when a licensed Player is restarted, the login panel no longer appears.
  • iPad Eliminated cases in which Player freezes when loading an experience containing multiple interface assets.



  • Webcam asset is functional again (Android only)
  • Buttons and links are now functional in the Web Browser asset
  • Fixed various excel formula and filtering related issues
  • Video/YouTube-Video with “autoplay” behavior enabled will no longer play when hidden or if the containing collection is hidden;
  • Fixed an issue preventing the manipulation of a Scroll Collection after a hide/show action;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Drag and Drop triggers from firing correctly after a scene to scene navigation.



  • When a file is missing, Player will display the path used to located it
  • Support download of content from FTP-based storage that does not support MLST
  • Android: requires now at least Android 4.4
  • iPad: Launching Player when iPad is oriented in portrait mode now works
  • ChromeOS: Corrected experience loading issues when the experience uses Excel formulas and date data
  • Tizen: Downloading experiences containing media files bigger than approximately 50MB now works.



  • Player can now access to the camera (from within a HTML greybox)

6.0.3 (Android only)


  • Better tiering definition for Kiosks/Tablets licenses
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Added support for Android 7
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Tizen Player correctly displays the Login screen on Portrait oriented displays

6.0.1 (Samsung SSP4 Tizen only)




  • Supports the introduction of experience layers and experience triggers
  • Fixes a variety of minor issue