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Limitations for Composer and Player for Windows

This page lists all known limitations This is an all-inclusive list, meaning all limitations on this page affect the latest shipping version of IntuiFace. Fixes are not backwards compatible, meaning you should always install the latest possible version of our software.

Using the mouse after using the touch screen

Due to Microsoft limitations in the touch management it may not be possible to use simultaneously the mouse and the touch screen. Depending on the version of .Net installed on the device, you may need to do a right-click (yes, we really mean right, not left) to get the mouse active again.
With the recent 4.7 version of .Net, this limitation disappeared and you can use directly (and even simultaneously) the mouse. If you are using an up-to-date windows 10 device, this limitation is fixed.

Composer limitation

Composer play mode is currently limited to one display. A player is required to play an experience on multiple displays.