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Resuming a subscription

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    Even if subscription renewal was cancelled or the renewal date has passed, it is not too late to resume a license subscription.

    How to resume a subscription

    For all subscription licenses and data tracking plans:
    Visit your License Dashboard and - for any subscription license or data tracking plan - click the Resume subscription link, in the "License Key" column, for each license whose renewal was cancelled or whose renewal date has passed.


    For perpetual Composer Enterprise licenses:
    If the renewal date has not yet passed, visit your License Dashboard and click the Resume MSU Renewal link in the "License Key" column for each Composer whose MSU renewal was cancelled. If the renewal date had already passed, you need to follow the MSU renewal directions here; the rest of this article would not apply.

    What will happen?

    • Renewal date has not yet arrived
      Available for purchases made on or after 7-July-2016. By resuming your subscription you will have simply removed the request for cancellation. Renewal will occur as if nothing had happened.
    • Renewal date has passed and
      • Your original purchase(s) occurred before 7-July-2016
        You will be sent to a shopping cart prefilled with the license you wish to renew. You can return to your License Dashboard if you'd like to resume additional licenses in the same purchase. Complete the purchase process with a credit card. Your existing license key(s) will be renewed for a period beginning on the day of your resume request. Subscription duration will be the same as the original.
      • Your original purchase(s) occurred on or after 7-July-2016
        Using the credit card information we have on file, your existing license key will be renewed for a period beginning on the day of your resume request. Subscription duration will be the same as the original.
        You will need to repeat this process for each license you wish to renew; you cannot resume more than one license at the same time.
        NOTE: If the credit card we have on file has expired, clicking the "Resume subscription" link will send you to the "Update credit card" page. Once you've updated the credit card information on file you will have to click the "Resume subscription" link a second time.

    What makes 7-July-2016 so special? That is the day on which IntuiLab switched to a new payment processor, Stripe. Stripe gave us more flexibility to manage your purchases and payment cards.

    Reversing a resumed subscription

    As with any purchase, you have the ability to request a refund and cancel renewal for resumed subscriptions.