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Renewing Maintenance, Support and Update (MSU) Entitlement for Perpetual Composer Licenses

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    NOTE: Perpetual Composer Enterprise is no longer available for purchase, discontinued as-of 14-July-2017. This article exists for those legacy customers in possession of perpetual Composer Enterprise licenses.


    Unique to perpetual Composer Enterprise licenses is a renewable Maintenance, Support and Update (MSU) entitlement. Free for the first year, MSU entitlement is optionally renewable on an annual basis. With MSU entitlement comes access to all new features, bug fixes and priority queuing with our Technical Support team.

    How to renew MSU entitlement

    If the renewal date has not yet arrived

    Billing for MSU renewal will occur automatically on the anniversary date of its original purchase using the credit card on file.

    To prepay your MSU renewal fee:

    • Log into your IntuiFace account
    • Head to the pricing page
    • Click the button in the top right-corner of the pricing page that says "Click Here to Renew MSU".
    • On the Plans & Pricing - MSU page that opens, click the "Renew MSU" button
    • Select the licenses for which you'd like to renew MSU entitlement and then click the "Add to cart" button.
    • Complete your purchase.

    If the renewal date has passed

    It is never too late to renew expired MSU entitlement. To renew MSU entitlement, visit your License Dashboard and click the Renew MSU Entitlement link in the "License Key" column for each Composer whose MSU entitlement has expired.

    MSU Renewal Costs

    The cost of MSU renewal is $/€ 990 per Composer per year.

    If resuming MSU entitlement past the anniversary data of purchase, the cost of renewal will be the cost of a year of MSU entitlement plus the prorated cost of the time that has elapsed since the day of MSU expiration. The excess cost will be listed as a "Catchup fee"' in your invoice.


    • If today is 15-December and your MSU entitlement expired 24-October, you will be charged
      • 990 for 12 months of MSU entitlement
      • 141.04 for the time elapsed between 24-October and 15-December, i.e. 996 * (52 days / 365 days) displayed in your shopping cart and invoice as "Catchup fee".
    • The total upgrade cost charged to your credit card will be 996+141.04 = 1137.04.
    • If VAT applies to your purchase, you will be charged the regular VAT on the overall cost.
    • Renewal entitlement will be granted immediately.

    Cancelling MSU renewal

    At any time prior to your MSU renewal date you can cancel renewal by following the directions here.

    Consequences of expired MSU entitlement

    Perpetually licensed Composer Enterprise will continue to work even if MSU entitlement has expired. What is lost with expired MSU entitlement is a right to all new features and bug fixes. You also lose priority queuing with our Technical Support team.

    Other Notes

    • There is no MSU entitlement fee for perpetual Player for Windows. It can be upgraded forever. Just make sure it is only upgraded if you're using an upgraded Composer as well to ensure they're in sync.
    • You can renew MSU for multiple perpetual Composer Enterprise licenses in the same purchase.