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FAQ: Migration from 2Checkout to Stripe for Payments Processing

    What is a payments processor?

    A payments processor is a company certified to accept - on behalf of third parties - electronic payments submitted by a variety of payment methods including credit cards and bank-based payments such as direct debit. IntuiLab used 2Checkout in the past to process payments. On 7-July-2016, IntuiLab switched over to Stripe.

    Who is Stripe?

    See this article for details about Stripe.

    I've never purchased an IntuiFace license. Does this switch affect me?

    No. In fact, you won't even know a change has been made. Don't be shy about buying licenses! :-)

    I purchased licenses before your switch to Stripe. How are my subscription renewals affected?

    All subscription license purchases made before 7-July-2016 will have their renewal billing processed by 2Checkout. Subscription renewals for licenses purchased on or after 7-July-2016 will be handled by Stripe.

    If you purchased new licenses both before and after 7-July, you will - behind the scenes - be dealing with two different payment processors.

    Your only responsibility for subscription renewals through 2Checkout is to ensure the credit card you have on file with them remains accurate. If you need to change the credit card on file with 2Checkout, see this article for instructions.

    Will subscription renewals for licenses purchased before 7-July-2016 ever be migrated from 2Checkout to Stripe?

    We are currently investigating the proper process for migrating - from 2Checkout to Stripe - subscription renewals for licenses purchased before 7-July-2016. There is no timeline for this change. You will be notified when this happens.

    Does the switch to Stripe change the purchasing process for new licenses?

    No. This switch has enabled IntuiLab to create a cleaner, simpler purchasing process but the fundamental changes are hidden from you, the customer.

    Who do I contact with purchasing questions?

    Send your email to purchasing@intuilab.com