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Composer upgrade options and process


    Upgrades of Composer from lower to higher tiers can can be performed directly though the License Dashboard. This article discusses the available upgrade options and how to perform them.


    • Upgrades from monthly to annual licenses cannot be performed online. We recommend simply canceling renewal of the monthly license, using up the remainder of that monthly subscription, then purchasing an annual license.
    • Only licenses set to auto-renew can be upgraded. If you have cancelled auto-renewal for a given license, that license can no longer be upgraded.

    Upgrade cost

    The cost to upgrade is the cost of the higher tier license less the value of unused months for the original license subscription - aka the "upgrade discount". The result is a new license good for a full year.

    There is no prorated compensation for the current, partial subscription month.

    The renewal costs of previously upgraded licenses are not discounted.

    Upgrade options

    Version 6

    • Composer Essential -> Composer Premier or Composer Enterprise
    • Composer Premier -> Composer Enterprise

    Version 5 to Version 6

    • Composer Pro -> Composer Essential, Composer Premier or Composer Enterprise
    • Composer Enterprise (old license model) -> Composer Enterprise (new license model)

    How to perform an upgrade

    1. Open your License Dashboard
    2. At the top of this page, click the link specific to the tier you are targeting for the upgrade.

    3. If more than one upgrade option is available, select the one you prefer. The higher tier license will be added to your shopping cart and discounted (referred to as the "Upgrade discount") by an amount whose value is determined by the process discussed above.
    4. Complete your purchase.


    Imagine you wish to upgrade from Composer Essential to Composer Premier on 25-July-2017

    • You will be charged for a new annual Composer Premier subscription starting 25-July-2017 and for a duration of 12 months. Cost: 996
    • You will get an "Upgrade discount" corresponding to an amount related to the number of unused months for your Composer Essential subscription
      • Assume a Composer Essential purchase on 10-May-2017.
      • By upgrading on 25-July, your subscription will have 9 unused months, from 10-Aug-2017 through 9-May-2018. Remember, a partial month is not prorated.
      • Your "Upgrade discount" will be 600 * 9/12= 450.
    • The total upgrade cost charged to your credit card will be 996-450 = 546. Your annual Composer Premier subscription will begin on 25-July-2017 and last 12 months.
    • If VAT applies to your purchase, you will be charged the regular VAT on the Composer Premier subscription minus the VAT on the refund.

    Other Notes

    • You can upgrade one license per transaction. If you want to upgrade multiple licenses, repeat this upgrade operation on each license individually.
    • When you are performing an upgrade, you cannot add another purchase to your cart. If you wish to buy another item, please make a separate purchase.
    • The subscription for the original license is automatically cancelled on the day of the upgrade.
    • The upgraded license will be billed every year until cancelled like any other subscription.