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Common Payment Questions and Issues

    Causes of payment authorization failure

    The three most likely causes of payment failure are:

    • Mistyped card info
    • Insufficient balance
    • Rejection by your bank due to suspicion of fraud

    Unfortunately - but to protect your privacy - we are not informed of the cause. Start by checking your card’s balance and retyping card information. If payment fails again, inform your bank and tell them to release their hold on your attempt to purchase licenses from IntuiLab.

    Renewal billing for subscription licenses

    Subscription license renewal is processed automatically. (To stop subscription renewal, see this article.) For annual licenses it occurs on the anniversary of your original purchase date. For month-to-month licenses is occurs every 30 days following the original purchase date.

    If we are unable to process your payment, you will receive a notification email from purchasing@intuilab.com with the subject line Rebill failed for IntuiFace. You now have a five day grace period to update your credit card information before your license(s) deactivate.

    To update the credit card information we have on file, please follow the instructions here.

    Service fee when paying in local currency

    In addition to USD and EUR, you can pay in your local currency. If paying in your local currency, IntuiLab will charge a 5% currency exchange and service fee.

    Here is a list of questions or issues you might have about your purchasing experience and how to deal with them:

    • Credit card rejection: Contact your bank
    • Changing the credit card on file: Follow instructions here
    • Getting a copy of your invoice: Follow instructions here
    • Checking on order status: Contact IntuiLab
    • Request a refund: Review this page
    • Upgrading IntuiFace: Contact IntuiLab