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All about the new IntuiFace packaging, shared licensing and pricing model.

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    What do you mean, a "new" packaging, shared licensing and pricing model?

    With the launch of IntuiFace Version 6.0 in May-2017, IntuiLab also released the first major update to their packaging, shared licensing and pricing model in over five years.

    Differences between old and new models

    New Composer packaging

    The three Composer editions have been replaced with four Composer plans. In the list below, prices are in both USD and EUR.

    • Old Editions
      • Free
      • Pro: 468/year
      • Enterprise: 996/year, 199/month
    • New Plans
      • Free
      • Essential: 600/year
        • Similar to the Pro feature set
      • Premier: 996/year
        • Adds data tracking, custom interface asset creation, configurable email to Essential
        • Available to qualifying academic institutions for 250/year
      • Enterprise: 1800/year, 250/month
        • Adds remote deployment, offline license activation and free, unlimited IntuiFace Cloud Storage to Premier

    The perpetual Composer option is no longer available.

    Unlimited license transfers

    All subscription Composer plans and all subscription/perpetual Player for Windows options now permit unlimited license transfers. (Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks already permitted unlimited transfers.) This means, for example, that teams with multiple authors may only need to purchase a small number of Composer licenses.

    The mechanism for Composer license transfers has been simplified, eliminating the need to visit the License Dashboard. Simply by logging out of Composer, a license is returned to the license pool, available for use on another PC. (To release Player licenses, one must still use the License Dashboard.)

    Volume and multi-year prepay discounts

    Volume and multi-year prepay discounts are available. Contact sales@intuilab.com to discuss.

    Additional changes

    • An IntuiFace account can only possess Composers at a single plan level. It is not possible to mix Composer plans.
    • There is now only one perpetual Player for Windows option, a white label Player with a list price of 480 (the former price of the perpetual Player for Windows Standard). An Enterprise-level account is required to purchase perpetual Player for Windows.
    • Enterprise-level accounts have unlimited storage space when using IntuiFace Cloud Storage
    • Composer Enterprise licenses support the notion of offline activation, important for environments that are air-gapped or otherwise isolated in a way that prevents Internet-mediated license activation.

    What is unchanged?

    Player packaging and pricing is unchanged with two exceptions:

    • All subscription Player options are entitled to volume and multi-year discounts.
    • The two perpetual Player for Windows options has been reduced to a single option: a white label, perpetual Player for Windows license available to all on the annual Enterprise plan.

    Packaging and pricing for the data tracking feature is also unchanged.

    Why we made these changes

    These changes to our model - the first in five years - were made both to accommodate the evolving needs of IntuiFace users and to reflect the significant increase in value delivered by IntuiFace over that time. For example, based on popular demand, we now permit the unlimited transfer of subscription licenses, enabling all IntuiFace customers to share a small number of licenses with a large group of users.

    What is happening to my existing licenses?

    You can continue to use and renew your existing "old model" licenses for as many years as you'd like. You will also continue your entitlement to all new Composer and Player enhancements as they become available (i.e. the new version 6 - Yes, you can safely upgrade to version 6: it will work just fine with your existing licenses).

    NOTE: Once expired, your old-model licenses cannot be resumed.

    So what do you lose by staying with old model licenses?

    • You'll be limited to a small number of device to device transfers for all but legacy perpetual Composer and perpetual Player for Windows licenses. This makes it much harder to share licenses with colleagues and clients.
    • Annual Composer Enterprise (old model)
      • Limitation of IntuiFace Cloud Storage to 20GB
      • No offline license activation
      • Inability to purchase perpetual Player for Windows licenses

    Advantages of the old model

    • Those with the old model Composer Enterprise license acquired via the academic discount will have access to IntuiFace's remote deployment features. In the new model, the academic discount is applied to the Premier plan, a plan that does not include remote deployment.
    • Those with the old model Composer Pro could use the data tracking feature with Player. In the new model, you must be at the Premier or Enterprise tier to use the data tracking feature with Player. The Free and Essential tiers can only use Composer for data tracking.

    How do I upgrade my account to a new Composer plan?

    Remember: You do NOT have to upgrade any or all of your old model licenses.

    But if you do want to upgrade any of your old model licenses, click the "Upgrade" link in the License Key column of your License Dashboard

    The cost of an upgrade is the cost of the license in the new plan less the prorated value of the unused subscription months of the license you're upgrading. (There is no prorated compensation for the current subscription month.) A new annual subscription term begins on the day of the upgrade.


    • Remember, you cannot mix Composer plans from the new model in one IntuiFace account.
      • This includes the inability to mix the academically discounted old model Composer Enterprise license with academically discounted Composer Premier licenses from the new model.
    • Those with Composer Enterprise acquired via the academic discount will be upgraded to the Premier plan, not to the Enterprise plan. As noted above, this would mean losing access to the remote deployment feature while gaining access to unlimited license sharing.

    Can I continue to buy licenses off the old price list?

    No. There was a 45 day transition period, after introduction of the new model, that permitted the purchase of licenses off the old price list. This transition period expired 15-July-2017.

    Now that the transition period has passed, you are only be able to renew existing licenses from the old price list. All new license purchases would have to be made from the new price list

    This prohibition includes old model upgrades from Composer Pro to old model Composer Enterprise. These old model upgrades are no longer possible.

    Can I apply unused coupons to new purchases off the old list?

    All of your preexisting coupons - with the exception of the "Composer Pro to old model Composer Enterprise upgrade" coupon - can be used during the transition period. Upgrades from Pro to old model Enterprise will not be permitted so the corresponding coupon will not be honored.

    At the conclusion of the transition period, the "Buy 2nd Composer Pro at half price" coupon will also be discontinued.

    Your remaining coupons will work after the transition period completes but will only be applicable to licenses in the new model.

    If I have any questions, who do I talk to?

    Have questions? Just get in touch with your super friendly Sales contact. Or email sales@intuilab.com.