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About pricing changes accompanying IntuiFace Version 6.2

Table of Contents

    What's changing?

    With the release of IntuiFace Version 6.2, two changes were made to our licensing and pricing model:

    • the cost of the perpetual Player for Windows license increased from 480 to 600
    • the volume discount model starts with a volume of 16 licenses instead of 6

    Why increase the cost of perpetual Player for Windows?

    This adjustment was made to better reflect the value of our annual Player for Windows license, a license available for 240/year.

    Specifically, what has changed is the time to equivalent cost. With the price increase, 2.5 years of the annual license will have the cost equivalent of 1 perpetual license.

    Why increase the minimum volume for discount entitlement?

    This increase was applied to more accurately reflect the average size of an IntuiFace deployment.

    What happens to my existing licenses?

    • Renewal costs are unaffected.
    • Volume purchases are on a per-cart basis so your existing volume does not affect future volume purchases.