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Troubleshooting absence of Player for Windows in the Share and Deploy console

Table of Contents

    Guide for an IntuiFace User

    1. Did you launch IntuiFace Player at least once with an active license?
    2. Is port 8000 opened on the PC? For Windows PCs, port 8000 must be open. To open it, run IntuiFace Configuration Tool and make sure the "Remote Actions" option is selected.
    3. Does your computer have Internet access?
    4. Is the IntuiFacePlayerAgent installed and running?
      • Open Windows Task Manager.
      • On the Services tab look for IntuiFacePlayerAgent and check its status.
      • If the service isn't listed, re-install IntuiFace Player. Download the latest version from your dashboard.
      • If the service isn't started, right click on it and select Start the service. If the service doesn't start, contact support.
    5. If you are accessing the Internet through a PC-based or intranet-based firewall, verify that the firewall has authorized IntuiFace to use the protocol HTTPS to access all sub-domains of intuilab.com. IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe is located under the following locations:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Agent\IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe (for 32-bit IntuiFace) or
    • C:\Program Files\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Agent\IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe (for 64-bit IntuiFace)

    If all of the above is confirmed and - after a few minutes - your PC still doesn't appear in the Share and Deploy console, contact our Support Team

    Guide for an IT Administrator

    The Player agent service, named IntuiLabPlayerAgent, is installed in:

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Agent\IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe (for 32-bit IntuiFace)
    • C:\Program Files\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Agent\IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe (for 64-bit IntuiFace).

    With a DOS prompt launched in admin mode, IntuiLabPlayerAgent offers the following services:

    • Status: IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe /status
    • Stop: IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe /stop
    • Start: IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe /start
    • Restart: IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe /restart
    • Verbose+: IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe /verbose+ (shows debug logs)
      • Use with caution! Don't forget to deactivate the debug logs to avoid creating large files on your drive.
    • Verbose-: IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe /verbose- (hides debug logs)
    • Debug Mode: IntuiFacePlayerAgent.exe /debug (launch the service in console mode; must be preceded by a Stop)

    Logs will be located in the folder C:\ProgramData\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Agent\Logs. The information they contain will help our Support Team to diagnose your issue.