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Specifying Player Launch Preferences

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    NOTE: This article applies only to all versions of Player and assumes you have an Enterprise-level account.

    Setting Player launch preference

    IntuiFace Player - across all supported platforms - can be configured to do one of two things when launched:

    1. Run the last opened experience
    2. Display the Experiences panel

    Your launch preference for each individual Player is registered through the use of the Share and Deploy console.

    • In the "Manage My Players" view, select one or more devices in the "Manage My Players" view. To select more than one Player, filter by name/tab/platform, select the triangle in the lower-left corner of each Player you'll be targeting then click the "All selected devices" button.
    • On the "Preferences" tab of the opened information panel, select the appropriate checkbox in the Player Launch Preference section.

    Overriding 'Run last opened experience'

    Even if Player is configured to run the last opened experience, you can override it so that the Experiences panel is displayed.

    While Player is launching, touch-and-hold - using either your mouse or a finger - the black bar at the bottom of the splash screen. After Player launch is complete, the Experiences panel will be displayed.