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IntuiFace Cloud Storage - Free Storage for Published Experiences

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    The default storage option for published IntuiFace experiences is IntuiFace Cloud Storage. This option is free to use, requires no configuration and - because it leverages Amazon S3 - is highly reliable, secure and fast.

    Using IntuiFace Cloud Storage

    IntuiFace Cloud Storage is the default storage option for IntuiFace. This means it is preconfigured and ready for use as soon as you've created your IntuiFace account. It is immediately available when publishing an experience.

    You have the option of using alternative cloud storage options as outlined here. If you would like one of the alternative options to be your default, follow these directions.

    Storage Limits

    The amount of storage available is determined by your Composer plan. These limits cannot be increased. If you need additional space, use one of the alternative cloud storage options.

    • Free plan: 3GB
    • Essential plan: 10GB
    • Premier plan: 20GB
    • Enterprise plan: Unlimited

    For IntuiFace Version 5 users:

    • Free Edition: 3GB
    • Pro Edition: 10GB
    • Enterprise Edition: 30GB