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Digital Signage-inspired Capabilities

Digital signage-inspired capabilities were added to IntuiFace in the name of more effectively managing large scale, geographically distributed deployments.

Capabilities include:

  • Data tracking: cloud-based storage of user-defined log events, aggregated across all devices, filterable and then accessible via Excel, Google Analytics, REST-based Web Services and many more options for analysis.
  • Automatic Restart: Following a PC reboot, Player for Windows can automatically restart itself and run the last opened experience.
  • Hands-free Player Update: Deploy never versions of Player using the Share and Deploy console. Never visit a kioks in the field again!
  • Remote Player Restart: Force Player for Windows to restart. If Player was in Play Mode, it will return to Play Mode with the last run experience.
  • Remote Reboot: Player for Windows can force a PC reboot. Used in tandem with Automatic Restart to facilitate recovery of unattended Windows-based kiosks.
  • Device Tagging: Assign one or more tags to a device - Windows, Android, iPad, Chrome or Samsung SSP. This enables multi-selection of devices for experience deployment, Player updates and more simply by specifying one or more tags.
  • Hands-free licensing of Player: Useful for large scale deployment of Player via a ghost image. Player can automatically license itself without requiring manual intervention.