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Using Player on tablets and kiosks

    IntuiFace Player for Tablets and IntuiFace Player for Kiosks enable you to run experiences created with IntuiFace Composer on an iPad or Android device.

    • Use Player for Tablets with any iPad or consumer Android tablet. Purchased as a pack of 10 licenses, each Player for Tablets license can be used on either an iPad or a consumer Android tablet.
    • Use Player for Kiosks with:

    Installing IntuiFace Player

    • For an iPad, you can find IntuiFace Player in the Apple App Store here or search for IntuiFace in iTunes.
    • For an Androit device, you can find IntuiFace Player in the Google Play Store here or search for IntuiFace in Play Store.
      • The appropriate Player version - Tablets or Kiosks - will be automatically selected for you.
    • If your Android device doesn't have an access to Google Store, please download the Player for Kiosks .apk here.

    NOTE: Before using Player, be sure to acquaint yourself with known limitations. Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks are not yet feature equivalent to Player for Windows. This article will highlight the differences.


    Free vs. Paid Player

    The level of playback capability depends both on whether Player is licensed and on the Composer Edition used to create the experience.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Experiences accessible for download in Player were either

    1. created in an instance of Composer using the same IntuiFace account as Player, OR
    2. shared by the experience creator with the IntuiFace account used by Player.

    License checkout and release

    Every Player login initiates a new license request; a license is neither released nor recognized by Player after logging out or after uninstalling/reinstalling on iPad.

    As a result, more than one license can be checked out for the same tablet. To release a tablet license back into the license pool, follow the directions here.

    Using Player

    Downloading and running an IntuiFace experience

    Assuming you have already installed Player, the overall process is as follows:

    1. Optionally, purchase Player licenses
      • Browse to IntuiLab's Pricing page and purchase your Player licenses using a credit card.
      • Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosk will automatically check out a Player license associated with the IntuiFace account you use to log in. License keys are not entered manually. For more information, see this article.
    2. Start a new project in Composer
      • On the New tab of Composer's Experiences panel, select the Blank template.
      • Select the option corresponding to your device or screen resolution and orientation (landscape vs. portrait). Selecting the correct resolution is not mandatory but if you don't, Player will proportionally shrink/stretch your experience to make it fit the actual display. The result may be too cramped or otherwise disconnected from the original design.

    3. Create your experience using Composer
      • Use the same media and capabilities you would use for a Window-targeted experience.
        NOTE: Some Composer features cannot be used either because of tablet limitations or due to capability not yet implemented. See this page for details.
      • Use only TTF Fonts in your Simple Text assets to ensure the fonts you use on Windows can also be found on the tablet.
    4. PREVIEW your work on the tablet

      Here you are viewing an experience running in Composer's Play Mode. The following is a summary; the details are covered in this article.
      • Make sure your tablet and Composer are on the same network and that the PC running Composer is properly configured for network communication. See this article.
      • Run your experience in Composer's Play Mode.
      • Run Player and log into your IntuiFace account.
      • Select the icon Connect to a Composer in Play Mode and enter the IP address of the PC running Composer. The experience will be copied to a temporary storage location on your tablet and then it will play.
      • NOTE: If you are using the free version of Player, the IntuiFace watermark will appear in your experience.
    5. DOWNLOAD your work to the tablet for travel and/or offline use

      Here you are saving an experience directly on the tablet. The following is a summary; the details are covered in this article.
      • Publish your experience. This will make the experience available in the Player Experiences panel. Experiences shared with you will also be available here.
      • Touch any experience in the Experiences panel and it will automatically download and then play.

    Limitations when using a free Player

    Unlike Player for Windows - which does not permit free use - both Player on iPad and Android can be used without a license. This free use comes with some limitations:

    1. Only one experience can be downloaded to the tablet. Attempts to download a second experience will override the first.
    2. All experiences will be run with the IntuiFace watermark.
    3. The tablet must be online at all times. An offline mode is not supported for free Player use.

    Streaming your IntuiFace experience from a tablet to an external screen

    By installing appropriate hardware such as Chromecast for Android and Apple TV for iPad devices, you can stream your IntuiFace experiences onto large screens.