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Storing an experience on your Tablet or Kiosk device for offline use

Saving an IntuiFace experience directly onto your tablet or kiosk device gives you the ability to work offline. The alternative method for running experiences in Player - Preview Mode - also copies an experience to your tablet, but that experience cannot be retrieved once Preview Mode is exited.

Downloading an Experience

Start by publishing your experience. If Composer and Player are using the same IntuiFace account, this published experience will automatically appear on Player's My Experiences tab. If you're using different IntuiFace accounts, share your published experience with the account used on the tablet. This shared experience would appear on the Shared With Me tab of Player.

Then, in Player, touch the thumbnail image of the published (and possibly shared) experience and it will automatically download to your tablet. See image below for thumbnail examples.


  • The Free Edition of Player for Tablets (for iPad and off-the-shelf Android tablets) and Player for Kiosks (for Chrome OS, Samsung SSP and custom Android devices) requires an active internet connection and can only store one experience at a time. If an experience is already saved to the tablet, selecting a second experience for download will overwrite the first.
  • Experience download is cancelled when switching from Player to a different app on the tablet. Allow download to complete before switching to different apps.