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Running Preview Mode in Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks

In addition to creating a local copy of a published experience for offline use, IntuiFace Player on iPad and Android enables you to preview an experience live over a local network. We call this Preview Mode as it enables you to review and test your project without first having to publish it.

You can also use a Tablet/Kiosk Player in Composer to check how your project will look on a tablet device, click here for more details

    Preview Mode prerequisites

    Make sure all three of the following prerequisites are observed.

    • You have logged into both Player and Composer with the same IntuiFace account.
    • Your iPad/Android device and each PC running IntuiFace Composer must be on the same network. This is necessary to ensure Player can detect Composer and access the running experience.
    • Each PC running Composer must be properly configured for over-the-network communication. If Composer was installed under an administration account then no additional work is necessary. If some other account with more limited access rights was used to install Composer, you must run the IntuiFace Configuration Tool on that PC under an administrative account. To do this you may need the help of your IT organization.

    To test your connection:

    1. Put Composer in Play Mode.
    2. On your tablet, open a Web browser and enter the URL http://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:8000/intuiface/help where aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is the IP address of PC running Composer.
      For example, http://12.34.567.89:8000/intuiface/help
    3. If you see a Help page in the browser, your connection is good and Preview Mode should work.

    Using Preview Mode

    In Player, in the Preview panel, click the icon Connect to a Composer in Play Mode.

    Next, enter the IP address of the PC running Composer in Play Mode.

    If you don't know how to get the IP address, go back to Composer, open the menu item Help -> About and look for the "Running on..." statement.

    As soon as Player detects Composer in Play Mode, the running experience is automatically copied over the network to your tablet and run by Player. Once copied, you can stop Play Mode in Composer and continue to run the experience in Player. When you exit this running experience in Player, you will NOT see it listed in the My Experiences panel. This is to prevent conflict with subsequent published versions of the same experience.

    The length of time necessary for the copy process to complete depends on the size of your experience and the speed of your network. Once copied, Player will "remember" the preview so if you make changes in Composer and rerun Preview Mode, only the changes will be transferred, significantly speeding up the copy process.