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Player for Kiosks on Samsung SSP - Limitations

    Important Design Considerations

    The capacity of the Samsung SSP to 1) manage a large number of graphics in a single IntuiFace scene and 2) keep in memory large graphic media files, is equivalent to that of a modestly powered Windows PC. As a result, an IntuiFace experience that performs well on a Windows PC might act sluggish on the SSP.

    We highly recommend the following:

    1. Minimize the file size of graphic media. For example, a 4k Ultra HD video on the SSP will consume an enormous amount of system RAM, risking serious performance issues.
    2. Keep it simple. Because the Samsung SSP is not built to handle large amounts of graphic media and data processing, favor the creation of simple experiences.
    3. Test often. Play Mode in Composer does not reproduce the resource limitations of the SSP. You must run your experience on the SSP in order to assess its true performance quality.
    4. Review the rest of this page to be sure you are acquainted with all limitations. Player for Windows offers a superset of capability over Player for Samsung SSP. This difference will narrow over time but at the moment, not every design option is available for use on tablets.

    Please check that your SSSP is compliant with IntuiFace Player in this section.

    Features Never to be Supported

    Certain IntuiFace capabilities available on Player for Windows will never be available on Player for SSSP because the underlying technology is not supported by the tablet operating system:

    • (Adobe) Flash Animation asset
    • Websites supporting a same origin policy. The Web Browser asset requires websites supporting a cross origin policy.
    • Any Interface Asset using a .NET DLL. Over time, all out-of-the-box interface assets will be built using REST or JavaScript, both of which are cross-platform technologies. For a list of which out-of-the-box interfaces are available, see this page

    Features Currently Unsupported

    The following capabilities are not yet part of IntuiFace Player for SSSP but may be added in future releases:

    Additional Limitations

    • Performance
      As mentioned above, the SSP not built to handle large amounts of graphic media and data processing. The following points reduce the burden on the SSP.
      • Prevent asset/collection rotation if acceptable for your design. In particular, use a design that doesn't permit the rotation of multiple items at the same time.
      • Keep 3D models simple and minimize number of models in a given scene
      • Always use a "View angle" of 0 for the Carousel collection
      • Avoid use of the Book document style
      • Don't use scene transition effects
        • If you must, only the "Cross Fade" effect is available.
    • Videos
      • Use the mp4 (H.264) video format in the Video asset. The frame rate should be a multiple of 30 for US displays and a multiple of 25 for displays used around the rest of the world.
      • Only one video/audio can be played at a time.
      • Don't nest videos inside a collection
      • Can only use time stamps as a video poster. External images cannot be used as posters.
      • Video poster is displayed regardless of where on the timeline a video is paused.
    • Assets and Collections.
      • Flip Chart cannot render collections nested within.
      • Video and Audio asset volume can only be controlled using the device's physical volume buttons.
      • “Title” property of the Video, Audio and Document assets is not supported.
      • Minimize capability is not available (including the Initial View State property)
      • Web Browser asset does support website links opened in a new browser window (i.e. _blank)
      • For the Carousel, the "Display back of items" property must be set to True.
      • There is no initial scroll effect for the Asset Flow, Asset Grid and Carousel collections.
      • For the Map collection
        • No caching of a live session
        • Bing Maps is blank without an API key
      • Only Scale is managed for items in a Group
      • Asset Flow and Asset Grid collections do not manage "justify". When the collection contains fewer items than can fit in a single view - e.g. 3 items in the collection while 5 could be displayed - then items are left justified.
    • Drawing Tools
      • Snapshot capability is not yet implemented.
    • Triggers and Actions
      • Launch Application action is unavailable.
    • Other
      • Cannot respond to remote actions regardless of the source: neither from a running experience, IntuiPad or a third party application
      • Some Windows fonts are rendered differently than they appear on Windows PCs. The following contains the known list of fonts with rendering differences but there may be others.
        • Bookshelf Symbol 7
        • Calibri
        • Marlett
        • MS Outlook
        • MS Reference Specialty
        • MT Extra
        • Times New Roman
        • Webdings
        • Wingdings
        • Wingdings 2
        • Wingdings 3