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Manually add an IntuiFace experience to an Android device

    With Version 5.1, the Android Player available in both Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks introduced the ability to manually copy an IntuiFace experience from a Windows PC to any Android device running Player.

    Finding your project folder on the PC running Composer

    The first step is to locate the project folder on the computer with a local copy of your experience. The default location is the IntuiFace experiences folder: C:\Users\[user_name]\Documents\IntuiFace. You may have selected a different location when first creating your project.

    The project folder contains a .ifx file, a .ifx.json file and a folder named "Files" containing all the media found in your experience. For a detailed look at how IntuiFace project files are structured, see this article.

    NOTE: The thumbnail for an IntuiFace project that appears in the Experiences panel will not exist for a new project you create directly in Composer. (A project must be closed and reopened in Composer for the thumbnail to be created.) You can create your own thumbnail for a project by placing an image named *thumbnail.jpg" beside the .ifx file. This image must have a size of 800 pixels wide x 450 pixels tall. If you do not add a thumbnail, the experience will appear with a Blank image on your experiences panel.

    Preparing for the manual copy process

    1. If using a USB flash drive, your Android device will require a third party app enabling you to browse the local file system. For example, use ES File Explorer, found in the Google Play store.
    2. If using a computer to copy over the project via USB cable
      • Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Then:
        • Windows PC: Navigate to the My Computer folder and click on your Android device once it is detected.
        • Mac (if running Composer in virtual machine like Parallels): Install Android File Transfer. Once this program has been installed, launch it.
    3. If using a USB flash drive to copy over the project
      • Copy your project to the USB flash drive
      • Connect the flash drive to your Android device.

    Adding your IntuiFace experience to the Android Player

    Once your Android device is connected to the computer/flash drive containing your project:

    1. Using either your computer or 3rd party file browsing software on the Android device, browse to the following folder on the Android device:
    2. Create a directory named xps if it doesn't already exist.
    3. Enter the xps folder.
    4. Copy/paste the IntuiFace project folder directly into this xps folder.
    5. Disconnect your computer/USB flash drive
    6. Start the Android Player


    • The "xps" folder is a drop-zone monitored by the Android Player. If Player sees an experience in the xps folder, it will copy its contents to a different location on the tablet, deleting the original instance in the "xps" folder.
    • If an original version of the experience is already on the tablet, it will be replaced completely by any new version placed in the xps folder.