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How to retrieve an Excel spreadsheet used by the Player for Tablets and Kiosks

    Method One: Email spreadsheet as an attachment (available on all platforms)

    At runtime, use the IntuiFace experience to email the Excel file as an attachment. See this article for details.

    Method Two: Browse iPad using third party app (only on iPad)

    Browse the iPad's file system using a third party application like iFunBox to copy the Excel file onto a Windows PC. NOTE: IntuiLab does not support these third party tools nor can attest to their quality. Use at your own risk.

    With this third party file system browser

    1. Open the App File Sharing folder. In it you will see IntuiFace Player.

    2. Access Player's "sandbox" to browse all downloaded projects. For example, in iFunBox, right-click Player and select the menu item "Open Sandbox".

    The iPad replaces project names with a randomized collection of numbers and letters. As a result, the only way to know which projects are present is to look at the name of the .ifx file found within each of these randomly named project folders.

    The location of your project depends upon how the experience was downloaded.

    • If the My Experiences or Shared With Me tabs were used, look in the folder IntuiFacePlayer/my
    • If the Preview tab was used - i.e. you used Preview Mode - look in the folder IntuiFacePlayer/previews.
    • If the Marketplace tab was used, look in the folder IntuiFacePlayer/marketPlace.

    The following image illustrates the location of an Excel file in an IntuiFace project on an iPad using iFunBox

    (Click to enlarge)