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How to install Support-provided updates for Player on the iPad

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    The duration of Apple's App Store submission review process varies widely, from three days to three weeks, and is completely outside the control of IntuiLab. As a result, should a blocking issue arise in Player for the iPad - an issue preventing customers from doing their work - IntuiFace Support may provide access to a Player update for direct installation via iTunes.

    Using iTunes

    If you don't already have iTunes installed on your Windows PC or Mac, click here to get the installer.

    To update IntuiFace Player using iTunes, perform the following steps:

    1. Download, onto your Windows PC or Mac, the .ipa file provided to you by IntuiFace Support.
      • This .ipa file contains Player for the iPad. Think of the .ipa file as a zip file dedicated to containing iOS apps.
    2. Connect your iPad to the same PC or Mac using the cable provided by Apple.
    3. The next step depends on your version of iTunes

    iTunes Version 12.7

    Uninstall the official IntuiFace Player if it was previously installed and release the associated license into your license dashboard.

    Then, to manually install the new Player onto your tablet, follow the directions in this Apple KB article: Manually add items from your computer

    iTunes Version 12.0 to 12.6

    Double click on the .ipa file

    If iTunes wasn't already open, it should open now.
    A pop-up message asks if you wish to replace the existing Player for Tablets with a new version. Click Replace.

    iTunes Version 11 or earlier

    Double click on the .ipa file

    If iTunes wasn't already open, it should open now.
    Access the iPad and - in the Settings column to the left - select the Apps category

    IntuiFace Player for Tablets should appear in the "Apps" list. It might take a few seconds for the list to populate.
    Click on "Update" to the right of "IntuiFacePlayer", then click on "Apply"

    On the iPad

    After the sync is complete, on the iPad, you have to "trust" IntuiLab-developed applications. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings - General - Device Management
    2. Tap on "IntuiLab" - Trust


    When a new official version is released

    When a newer version of IntuiFace player for Tablets is available in Apple's App Store, the Player user will be notified. To install the official version:

    • You will have to first uninstall the Support-provided version (the official version cannot be installed otherwise)
    • Then you will be able to install the official version
    • You also need to release the associated license into your license dashboard and to login again to your IntuiFace Account on the iPad.
    • And finally you need to re-download your experiences on the device. The original will be deleted.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Support staff