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Design and playback considerations when using Player for Tablets or Player for Kiosks

Table of Contents

    NOTE: Use a powerful enough device - Not all tablet devices are sufficiently powerful to correctly run an experience. Make sure your device meets our minimum requirements.

    Playing Experiences Created Using Composer Free

    Only a free Player for iPad or Android can be used to play Composer Free experiences. When Player is licensed, it is unable to open and play Free Edition experiences.

    Preventing use of tablet physical buttons when running Player

    iPad Home button

    Enable Guided Access mode to prevent use of the Home button, useful if you need to enable kiosk mode on an iPad device. For more information, visit this page. Ensure you record the Guided Access password because only a factory reset can close Guided Access if the password is forgotten.

    Android buttons

    Enable screen pinning as described in this article to prevent the use of all Android buttons and menus, useful if you need to enable kiosk mode on an Android device. Screen pinning is a feature introduced by Android Lollipop.

    Mirroring the iPad on a second display

    As with most other iPad apps, the iPad Player can be used with AirPlay to mirror the iPad display on a second screen. Of course, even if that second screen is touch-enabled, touch events will not be registered. Only the iPad can be used to capture touch.

    You can also directly attach your iPad to a second display via a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter.