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Available versions of Player for Kiosks on Samsung SSP

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    To install IntuIFace Player on a Samsung SSP4 device, you need to enter a specific URL in its URL Launcher. See this page for installation guidance.

    You will find below all the available URLs to install IntuiFace Player on this platform, including latest versions and older versions.

    URL for the latest Player for Kiosks installer

    To install the latest version of Player for Kiosks on a Samsung SSP4 device, based on Tizen, simply use one of the following two URLs:

    • For both mouse and touchscreen use: http://sssp.intuiface.com/mouse
      Useful if running IntuiFace on a non-interactive display as the mouse would enable interaction with the Experiences panel of Player. NOTE: A cursor icon will appear wherever an onscreen touch occurs. This is forced by the SSP and thus cannot be eliminated by IntuiFace.
    • For touchscreen use only: http://sssp.intuiface.com
      Preferable if using IntuiFace with an interactive display as it ensures no mouse icon appears alongside touch events.

    These URLs will make the device always check for available updated when launching the app and download and install a newer version if available.

    Version-specific installers

    The following lists version-specific instances of IntuiFace Player available for the Samsung SSP.

    For SSP4 only, based on Tizen:

    SSP3 (deprecated since Nov 2016, can no longer be used)