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Transfer licenses between devices

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    Every device - Windows PC, iPad, Android, Chrome, Samsung SSP - requires a unique IntuiFace Composer and/or Player license. In addition, each license key can only be active one device at any time. However, licenses can be transferred from one device to another. This article addresses the device-to-device license transfer process.

    Device-to-Device License Transfer Limits

    There are no limits on device to device transfers for any Composer or Player license. You can move your licenses as often as you wish. However, a license can only be on one device at a time.

    Exception: Composer Pro and old-model Composer Enterprise

    If you are in possession of Composer Pro and/or old-model Composer Enterprise licenses - licenses that were no longer sold starting 1-June-2017 - then Composer is limited in how often it can be transferred in a subscription year.

    • Subscription Composer
      • Month-to-month and annual licenses can be transferred between PCs a specific number of times during the subscription year as determined by the edition used.
        • 3 transfers for the month-to-month Composer Enterprise
        • 3 transfers for the annual Composer Pro
        • 5 transfers for the annual Composer Enterprise.
    • Perpetual Composer
      • No transfer limits
      • With expired MSU (Maintenance, Support and Update entitlement), perpetual Composer licenses must be transferred manually using the process described below. With active MSU, licenses float, a process described here.

    Process for Device to Device License Transfer

    Release a Composer license

    In Composer (an Internet connection is required) use either of the following two methods to free up a Composer license for use on another Windows PC:

    • In the Experiences panel, select the Log Out button in the upper right corner.

    • Select the File menu option Logout and exit.

    For Composer Pro and old-model Composer Enterprise (as noted here), follow the instructions for Player in the next section.

    Release a Player license

    Verify that the licensed device is connected to the Web when you perform this procedure.

    In addition, exclusively for Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks, be sure to log out of Player before releasing its license via the following process. If you don't log out, the license won't be fully released. In this case, logging into the same Player will cause a new license to be retrieved and activated, meaning more than one license can be checked out on the same device.

    1. Open your License Dashboard and click the Release from computer link for the license you wish to release. (Click image to enlarge.)
    2. In the pop-up that appears
      • [Optional] Select the "Add to Blacklist" checkbox for a device you want to prevent from running IntuiFace experiences in the future. For example, choose this option when an employee leaves your company with a device once used to run IntuiFace. (NOTE: You will not be able to undo a Blacklist selection. You will need the assistance of IntuiLab Support so choose wisely.)
      • Click the button "Yes" to release the license.

    Use the released license on a new device

    1. On a new device, run Composer or Player.
    2. Activate your license on this new device
      • For Composer, either login using your IntuiFace account credentials or activate a specific license key by copy/pasting it directly into Composer. For a discussion of these two options, see the directions here.
      • For Player
        • Player for Windows: activate the license by copy/pasting the license key directly into Player. For more information about license activation in Player for Windows, see the directions here.
        • Player for Kiosks and Player for Tablets: log into Player and an available license key will be automatically retrieved and activated.

    Make sure the target device is online when you first start Composer or Player with a new license. This Web connection enables each product to communicate with our License Server.