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Manage licenses when changing hardware and/or reinstalling Windows on a PC

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    Reinstalling Windows and/or installing new hardware will change the information used by IntuiLab's licensing system to identify your PC. This change will invalidate the existing license key, requiring the acquisition and activation of a new key.

    Ideally, a license should be released from a Windows PC before Windows reinstall or a hardware change. This way, once it is time to activate a new license. the old one has already been returned to the IntuiFace license server.

    Releasing a license

    The licenese release process depends upon whether you're talking about Composer or Player licenses.

    Contact IntuiLab's Technical Support Team to ask for the release of your license. Once they confirm its release, follow this process:

    1. Reinstall Composer
    2. Log into Composer and a license will be automatically checked out.

    Player for Windows
    You have the ability to release licenses using your License Dashboard. Please follow the process below:

    1. Open the Management Console website and log in using your IntuiFace account credentials.
    2. Go to the My Licenses page. Here you can see a list of all of your licenses.
    3. In the “License Key” column, click on the link Release from computer for the license you wish to install on your new Windows image.
    4. Copy the license key that has been released and activate it on the PC with the new Windows image.

    Activating a new license

    Once your device is ready and Composer and/or Player are reinsalled, follow the standard license activation process to relicense the software.