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Manage Composer and Player for Windows licenses

    As an IntuiFace user, you have access to an online Account Management website containing detailed lists of your license and product inventory plus the ability to release licenses and cancel subscriptions.

    For information about managing

    • Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks licenses, see this article
    • perpetual Player for Windows licenses, see this article

    Tracking Composer and Player for Windows license usage

    Your License Dashboard lists all of your licenses and specifies on which PCs those licenses are being used. You can track the fleet of devices that have checked out licenses and you can release those licenses at any time - see the next section.

    Transferring licenses between PCs

    See this article for details.

    Releasing a Composer license assigned to a PC

    In Composer, the act of logging out will release its associated license.

    You also have the option of releasing a license when exiting Composer without logging out. To record your preference, open the File -> Composer Settings menu option and then select "License Behavior".

    Choose the option "Release license on exit" if:

    1. You want to release the license when closing Composer
    2. You'd like the ability to restart Composer and not have to log back in

    As long as you're online and a Composer license is available, Composer will assume the IntuiFace account at the time of closure is still in use and will attempt to retrieve a license.

    Deselecting that option will retain the license and not make it available for use elsewhere.

    Releasing a Player license assigned to a PC

    In Player for Windows:
    NOTE: This release process is identical to the process used with Player for Tablets and Player for Kiosks licenses.

    • Open your License Dashboard and click the Release from computer link for the license you wish to release. (Click image to enlarge.)
    • In the pop-up that appears
      • [Optional] Select the "Add to Blacklist" checkbox for a device you want to prevent from running IntuiFace experiences in the future. For example, choose this option when an employee leaves your company with a device once used to run IntuiFace.
      • Click the button "Yes" to release the license.

    NOTE: You will not be able to undo a Blacklist selection. You will need the assistance of IntuiLab Support so choose wisely.

    Cancelling a subscription

    See this article for information about how to cancel an active subscription.