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How IntuiFace licensing works

Every instance of Composer and Player needs a license. Licenses are device specific - they can be used on only one device at a time - and licenses must be activated to be used.

    IntuiFace Composer

    IntuiFace Composer licenses are differentiated by duration and feature set. The feature set is determined by the plan. The duration options available for each plan are as follows:

    • month-to-month: Composer Enterprise
    • annual: Composer Essential, Premier, Enterprise
    • perpetual: (no longer sold) Composer Enterprise

    Composer Free operates as if it has a perpetual license. Free Edition limitations are discussed here.

    To activate a subscription Composer license, see this article
    To release and transfer Composer licenses, see this article
    To activate a perpetual Composer license, see this article

    IntuiFace Player

    IntuiFace Player licenses are differentiated by platform and duration.


    • Consumer Android tablet: any Android-driven tablet 1) manufactured by Samsung, Sony, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Huawei, HTC, OnePlus or Motorola with 2) a screen diagonal no larger than 13.5 inches (34.3cm).
    • Custom Android device: Any Android device that doesn't satisfy the above definition for Consumer Android tablet.
    • White Label: Ability to remove or replace the IntuiLab-branded splash screen visible when Player starts. For Windows PCs, see this article. For the Post-to-Store option for iPad and Android, see this article.
    • Post-to-Store Service: A service bundling your IntuiFace experience with Player then posting it to the App Store and/or Google Play. It's a white label option that avoids requiring end-users to preinstall Player. For details about IntuiLab's Post-to-Store service, see this article.

    Free Players are available for all platforms. The limitations of these free Players are listed here.

    Network Requirements

    For license activation to occur, your network must permit IntuiFace to access the URL https://myintuiface.intuilab.com over Port 443.

    For details about when and how often Internet access is required by IntuiFace licensing, see this article.

    License Activation and Transfer

    • To activate Composer and Player for Windows licenses see this article.
    • To activate a Player for Kiosks or Player for Tablets license, see this article.
    • To release and transfer Player for Windows licenses, see this article
    • To release and transfer Player for Kiosks and Player for Tablets licenses, see this article.