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Composer's Shared Licenses


    All Composer licenses - whether for Essential, Premier or Enterprise-level IntuiFace accounts - can be exchanged between multiple installations of Composer without requiring any manual intervention. This ability to share licenses enables a team to possess fewer Composer licenses than the number of devices that will be used for experience editing.

    For example, a team of five designers may only require 3 licenses because no more than three members of the team will be working at any given moment (three concurrent users).

    Shared licenses are a cost effective alternative to buying one license for every team member, regardless of their work schedule.

    Prerequisites for Using Shared Licenses

    1. All PC's must have a live Internet connection in order to communicate with IntuiLab's license server. This applies both to license check-out and license release.
    2. Shared licenses are associated with a specific IntuiFace account. Use the same IntuiFace account credentials when logging into all installations of Composer that will be used with floating licenses.
    3. Each instance of Composer must be configured to release its license on exit. This is the default setting so there is nothing to change. See the Composer configuration options for more information.

    How to Work With IntuiFace Shared Licenses

    If you haven't already, log into Composer. Composer will query IntuiLab's license server for any available licenses associated with its IntuiFace account. If any such licenses are available, a license is checked out. If no licenses are available, Composer will run with Free Edition features.

    The login process requires a live Internet connection. Without a live connection, login is not possible.

    The now retrieved license will be retained until selection of Composer's menu item File -> Logout and Exit. (See this article for more about the logout process.) If the PC has a live Internet connection and the default "Release license on exit" option is selected for Composer, the license will be released back into the license pool. Without a live connection, logout is prevented and the license is retained.