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IntuiFace Marketplace - Payment Collection and Fees

Sellers can choose to make their Marketplace submissions available either for free or for a price.

Experience Prices

  • Free experiences: 0 USD/EUR
  • Paid experiences: It is up to the IntuiFace experience seller to set a price for each experience listed on the Marketplace. Customers located in the US and in Canada purchase in US Dollars while customers in the rest of the world purchase in Euros. We maintain a virtual exchange rate of 1 USD = 1 EUR. That is, an experience sold for $100 in the US and Canada will be sold for 100€ in the rest of the world (and the other way around).

Payout Structure and Amount

NOTE: You must be able to receive money via wire transfer to sell experiences on the Marketplace. Transfer fees (if any) are shared between you and IntuiLab.

  • 70% payout (i.e. you earn 70% of total experience sales)
  • The My Sales page located on the My IntuiFace website keeps track of your sales, payments due and payments completed.
  • Payments are processed when you hit the “Pay me now” button on the My Sales page. Payment is performed via wire transfer (an approach that will change in the future).
  • Payments for US or Canadian sellers are in USD, EUR is used for sellers located everywhere else.
  • If required, payouts are converted into the seller’s currency (USD or EUR) at current exchange rates.