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X-Ray Panel

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    The X-Ray panel provides IntuiFace users with one-click access to all properties, triggers and actions associated with an interface asset. This inventory of interface asset (IA) characteristics can also be used to easily create assets [bound](http://support.intuilab.com/kb/binding-and-value-converters/binding... to read-only property values and new trigger/action pairs.

    Launch the X-Ray

    All interface assets (IA) added to an IntuiFace experience are listed in the Interface Assets panel. Each listing has a small button that, if clicked, launches the X-Ray for the corresponding IA.

    X-Ray layout

    The X-Ray is organized into three tabs:

    • Properties   All IA properties subdivided into two sections: modifiable properties at the top, read-only properties at the bottom.

    • Triggers   All IA triggers.

    • Actions &nbsp: All IA actions.

    Using the X-Ray to edit your experience

    The X-Ray has two capabilities in addition to its ability to display an inventory of properties, triggers and actions.

    1. Create assets bound to IA properties
      All read-only properties on the Properties tab can be added to your experience by either
      • drag-and-dropping that property into the scene


      • clicking the "Create an asset" button associated with the property in question
    2. Create new trigger/action pairs
      All triggers on the Triggers tab can be used to launch the "Triggers and Actions" panel by clicking the "Add this trigger" button for the appropriate trigger.