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Off-the-Shelf Interface Assets

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    IntuiFace ships with a set of pre-built - aka "off the shelf" - interface assets. These interface assets can be used by anyone, regardless of their IntuiFace account level.

    NOTE: Any Permier or Enterprise-level IntuiFace account can create their own interface asset using either a REST-based Web API, a .NET DLL written in C# or VB, or a JavaScript function.

    In the following video you will see how to incorporate and use interface assets in your experiences:

    Platforms supported

    All cross-platform interface assets either use a REST-based Web API or JavaScript. These IAs work on all supported platforms: Windows, iOS on the Pad, Android, ChromeOS, and Tizen on the Samsung SSP.

    All Windows-only IAs use .NET.

    Source code

    You can reuse / modify / copy the "source code" of cross-platform interface assets (i.e. those using REST-based Web APIs or JavaScript) to create your own version of an IA. You will find the source files within the Composer installation folder:

    • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Composer\Resources\Interface Assets
    • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\IntuiLab\IntuiFace\Composer\Resources\Interface Assets

    To see how to quickly reuse a sample found in one of our sample experiences, read this article.

    List of Off-the-Shelf Interface Assets

    The following list identifies all of the pre-built interface assets that ship with IntuiFace. Click any link to get detailed information about the associated IA.



    Device Information


    Google Geocoding

    Internet of Things

    QR Code


    Share assets

    Social Media



    Value Operators